School plays a central role in developing and nurturing the talents of every child as well as shaping their character. In the fast changing world, driven by technological innovation and characterised by new challenges and uncertainties, the way the learners learn today and the way they will work tomorrow are redefining the contours of teaching and learning. At St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary school, we are always guided by the gospel values that help us on all-round development of our learners through academic excellence, dynamic and challenging physical activities, enriching creative experiences and value education. Our focus is to motivate learners to explore new frontiers of learning and preparing them to connect with real-world situations through experiential learning, as well as to be lifelong learners, are integral to our educational approach. We believe that a strong moral and ethical foundation creates good citizens who, albeit in a small way, make the world a better place by contributing to the community, country and the world. Our dedicated and caring teachers are our building blocks. They teach the learners not just with their minds, but with their hearts, making learning enjoyable and rewarding and instilling in them sound values. They inspire the learners to believe in themselves and think big. We invite you to explore STXHSS as we provide an excellent education for our learners. One that will make them good human beings.
Sr. Maria D’Silva
St Xavier’s Higher Secondary School
Tura, Meghalaya