1. The effective management and smooth running of the school discipline are helped by the school houses. The school has effectively established the system of dividing the students into four houses: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.
  2. The houses are headed by the Student’s Council, a student body of the school, comprising of classes 9 and 10 students selected for their academic and co-curricular achievements and leader – ship skills.


Students of classes 9 and 10 of different sections and houses under the guidance and supervision of the teachers select one student as the representative of the house in the council.

The Purpose of the Council shall be:

  • To represent the students as a direct liaison between them, the administration and the teachers.
  • To inform the students on matters concerning them.
  • To provide an open forum for students’ views.
  • To protect students’ rights.
  • To provide orderly direction of student’s council sponsored activities and to learn leadership skills.


The council functions for one academic year.


  1. The Council’s main objective is to provide assistance to the Principal and teachers whenever required.
  2. The Council shall assist the student’s welfare.
  3. Each member is responsible for and accountable to the Council. The Council partakes a major role in the meticulous organization of the various co-curricular activities in the school during the year.