Run by the Missionaries of Christ Jesus or MCJ, an International Missionary Religious Congregation, Saint Xavier’s Higher Secondary School, Tura, a Catholic Church Institution was established in 1950 with Garo Section and in 1959 with English Section. At that time the need of the Mission in Garo Hills was the education of girls.

St. Xavier’s School is the first Mission of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Christ Jesus, Tura is remembered as having given birth to the first Indian Sister of the Congregation – Sr. Margaret M. Sangma.

St. Xavier’s School was the First English Medium School from primary up to high school which results in speedy promotion of education. Through the school, over the years, passed hundreds of boys till 6 and girls received education and became useful citizens. In the educational services and school, the students have been dealt with no distinction of caste and creed influenced to study hard, inspired them with a formation of strong moral character and discipline, a necessity for a student to become a good citizen.

In 1950, (L) Mother Maria Camino Sanz Orrio along with other sisters carried out the spadework, to establish the school on a firm footing. Mother Maria Camino Sanz Orrio was the first school Principal.

After Mother Camino, the succeeding Principal are:

(L) Sr. Magdalena Cortes 1951 – 1953
(L) St. Maria Isabel Aurusa 1953 – 1957
(L) Sr. Julia Jimenez 1957 – 1959
(L) Sr. Maria Teresa Villanueva 1959 – 1960
(L) Sr. Conception Sagaseta 1958 – 1959
(L) Sr. Blanca Hernadez 1959 – 1963
(L) Sr. Conception Sagaseta 1963 – 1966
Ms. Celine Pinto 1966 – 1968
Ms. Joan Pinto 1968 – 1969
(L) Sr. K Theresa Alappatt
Sr. Mariat Fernandez 1969 – 1971
(L) Sr. Lydia Sequeira 1972 – 1975
Sr. Marline Pinto 1975 – 1982
Sr. Violet Fernandez 1983 – 1992
Sr. Jane Fernandes 1992 – 1993
Sr. Sarah John Mothi 1993 – 2003
Sr. Felci Fernandes 2004 – 2008
Sr. M. Rem 2008 – 2016
Sr. Maria D’ Silva 2017