Welcome to St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary School, Tura, an educational institution of the Catholic Church, belonging to the Missionaries of Christ Jesus Congregation and managed by the St. Xavier’s Society of Christ Jesus, Registered Sociey – SR/SXSCJ- 124/85 of 1985.


The motto of St. Xavier’s School “Love in Service” of the teaching of Jesus Christ, promotes the girls to empower themselves and the others in a spirit of total availability. St. Xavier’s Secondary School is an institution steeped in history and tradition but with an eye to the future. The objectives of the school are guided by the motto, the inculcation of zeal,


Our purpose in education, then is to form women ‘for others’. The Institute of Missionaries of Christ Jesus has always sought to imbue students with values that transcend the goals of money, fame and success. We want students who will be leaders concerned about society and the world in which they live.
We want to provide all round development of the personality through human training, spiritual, moral, physical and intellectual, value based and socially committed, thus molding them to be promising citizens of tomorrow.